…I was there…

…afew days ago,  I had the opportunity to climb with very good friends, from all over the world, I enjoyed their company in the crags and I tried to capture the intensity of their feelings and emotions during climbing…. It was great to meet people like theme…it doesn’t happen so often to meet occasionally professional climbers or “famous” climbers and have the chance to be with them, all day,…climbing with them, talking…etc..etc..Thank’s a lot my friends!!!

…special thank’s to Jacopo Larcher to use my photo as a header in his website {http://jacopo-larcher.com/} !!!

thank you all!!!

(  Jacopo Larcher is one of the athletes of the North Face team…which will prepare the North Face climbing festival in Kalymnos from 26-30 September )

(  Stephan Siegrist is a Professional Alpinist member of the Mammut team with a lot of expeditions around the world!!!–http://stephan-siegrist.ch/en/home )


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