…some spectacular sunsets…

..It’s always a very nice feeling to meet friends from the past! Today, I met my great friend from Italy, UIAGM Carlo Gabbasio after 8 years!!!…yeahhh…8 years, are gone very fast….time never surrenders!!! But…friends will be friends…you can’t lose a friend….only time can get him/her  away, nothing else! If you lose him/her, so he/she never have been your friend!We had a few moments together to drink a beer at my favorite bar in the Masouri area, Nadir, and talk about,,,….,,,and Telendos was on fire! So I picked up my camera for a few delicious shots,,,,you can’t miss this! That’s natures magic! I forgot my tripod, so I had  to hand-hold my camera, thank’s god, my Canon EOS 7D can handle the image noise so good….in fact in the photos there is no noise, even with 800ISO…great!!!I hope you liked them…


2 thoughts on “…some spectacular sunsets…

  1. George Michokostas says:

    Very nice blog, have you a contact email?

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