…climbing at ET cave, Kalymnos

…yesterday, it was a very pleasant day for climbing! It was windy in the island of Kalymnos, so climbing in the shade was very enjoyable! With some friends of mine, we went to the ET cave, close to the Vathy village, in the East of the island….and was great!!! The only problem was the path to reach the crags…we had to walk under the sun and about 35 degrees for about 15 minutes, but it is worth!!! At this small crag, there aren’t many routes, but these are just enough to make you happy for a whole day, the vertical wall has amazing routes from 6a to 6b+ difficulty and in the caves you may climb form 7b+ to 8b….if you are strong enough!!!All routes are very well bolted, and in the vertical wall are long enough, about 35m…so the sensation of climbing so long and beautiful lines is amazing!!! Thank’s to Claude Idoux and Neil Gresham for the bolting!!!! I took the opportunity to shoot some nice photos also there….I hope you will like them…


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