Spartan Wall – Kalymnos – “Yanap” 7b+ / “Spaspartout 6a+”

Spartan Wall is an amazing wall at the left of the Grande Grotta  in Kalymnos….it’s a crag that I was always overtaken by side to reach the Spartacus sector….but it’s amazing! The rock is perfect….there are a lot of long routes not overhanging but with very thin and technical moves…..watching the Spartan Wall from the ground it seems like a blank wall…no pockets or holds are evident….you have to climb to find them….and the climbing is always interesting in this sector of Kalymnos rocks…hold by hold….you will really enjoy it once arrived there!!! A good friend of mine, last days did her first 7b+ in Spartan Wall and I had the chance to make some photos of her during the tries, so I think, that she will have some good memories of her journey here in Kalymnos island. The route is named “Ya nap” and is a 45 meters 7b+ route with very thin and delicate moves. We had the chance of shooting some photos before the sun arrived in the sector…but I had only one lens and one opportunity to grab some good shoots!!! In that day, my friends from Italy, Carlo & Francesca came also with us for climbing and I think that they liked and enjoyed “Sparpartout 6a+” one of the best in the grade in whole Kalymnos!!!


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