…the luck of being in Kalymnos…

…yes, I consider my self a little bit lucky for being in Kalymnos, for a short period of my life and climbing and meeting people from all around the world. This multicultural climbing community has so many things to teach you….but you have to understand, learn and suck as a sponge everything…keep the best and forget the rest! For a few days, a young boy from Finland, Samuel Hammer, came everyday in the place I work and we used to talk about the climbing, his country, our best crags in Greece, a guy full of joy for climbing…no training coaches…only climbing!!! He was 14 years old, he had done all hardest routes in Finland granite with a few tries, he did some hard routes in Kalymnos, Gaia 8b with only a few tries, onsighted 8a in Galatiani cave, many 7c’s …7c+ …onsight….But the most interesting thing as I watched him climbing is the expressions of his face, during the climb….He really enjoyed the fact to be there and climbing, the joy for climb!!! That’s the real meaning of climbing!!!We have so many things to learn from childs….keep climbing & enjoying!!!


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