…Anevenontas magazine – crux!

…a few days ago, a friend of mine and editor of the best climbing magazine in Greece, “Anevenontas”  asked me if I could sent him some photos for an article named “crux” for the mag. In this article there are a few photos and a description of a usually hard route in the hardest points, clips etc..etc…so that will facilitate someone to climb it flash. So, I grabbed the chance and with some friends here in Kalymnos, we started to think about it, about beautiful routes never climbed again, new sectors…..and Chris Daniel, the boy in the photo shoot, told me about a new sector, the “Local Freezer” in which he had put up some new hard routes some years ago and he would like to climb them again…!…Done!!! The Local Freezer is in the opposite side of “Archi” sector and stays in shade during the afternoon. There are a few routes, I think for the moment only 11, the easier is 6c and the hardest 8b/8b+…..and there are a few lines to be bolted in more…It’s an impressive crag and if you will visit it in the future I think that you will enjoy climbing! (I will show you only a few photos from the shoot, the rest……later…!)

The route in the photo session, is “Blood Bath 8a+/8b” and is a an amazing 45deggrees overhanging route with a hard 7b boulder crux and some reachy and explosive moves until the belay…is bolted by Chris Daniel in the winter of 2007.


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