…JollyPower!!! a myth in Kalymnos island

…With Alessandro Lamberti (JollyPower) we have been in contact via e-mails a few years ago…I have asked him about training young kids, because I’m the responsible for the Climbing Gym in my hometown and I wanted some info’s about that…Some friends of mine from Italy, suggested Jolly, because his studies about training is out of any comparison! His books and his theories about the training for sport climbing, from beginners to high level athletes is something like the “Holly Bible” and to tell you the truth I have read it many times until now….I’m double lucky because he arrived in Kalymnos for holidays and I met him, we went for climbing together….When he climbs,…..you are thinking that the time stops….!!!the fluidity of the movements….the peace….the silence and the beauty of climbing a route are set all together….Thank’s Jolly, for being a Climber!

For the history Alessandro Lamberti is the first Italian to climb an 9a route back in 2001 and the first 8b onsight also. In 1986 he did the first 8a,  “Il ricordo del Tempo” in Sperlonga, in 1988 the first 8b, “La rose & le vampire” in Buoux, in 1994 the first 8c “Il Corvo” in Ferentillo….and lots of other routes….sincerally I don’t know where to start……..

…as you see, I took the chance to make some photos of  him, I’ll prepare an interview and some photos in more, videos also….so stay tuned on!!!

I hope you like it!!!


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