LiuYong Bang (Abond) in Kalymnos – Black Diamond & Adidas athlete

Black Diamond athlete LiuYong Bang (Abond), who established the first 8c in China and in August 2010 was the first Chinese to redpoint an 8c+, “Spicy Noodles” in Yangshuo, was for a short trip in Kalymnos island during last week and tried to redpoint or onsight some nice and sustained routes. The conditions were not the best, here in Kalymnos in the last days was no wind with a lot of  humidity also, but he never surrended! He was in search for a photographer to make a few photos of his trip and perhaps use them for the archive of  his sponsors and Aris Theodoropoulos the author of the guide book of Kalymnos called me for the photographic session….We did a lot of photos, during onsight attempts and second goes, but no “fake” or “posed” photos….and I really wanted to see the expressions of his face during hard attempts, the emotions and the explosivity in the crux sequences…and he was great!!!Thank’s Abond and Ting (his girlfriend) for the collaboration.

The photos in the gallery are from Arhi sector in “Ne pas toucher a ma bit” an 8a+ route, bolted in 2004 from Laurent Triay, Gerauld Fanguin & Antonin Cherbonnier from the French Petzl team.


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