Kalymnos trailer (episode 1) in 720p

This trailer is only a part of a video that I’m preparing about Kalymnos island. Been here in Kalymnos island for about 7 months, this trailer is only a view of what is Kalymnos through my “eyes” in everyday moments. In this period of my life, I did a lot of photos, action photos, time lapses, movies etc…the final project is a “Movie” about Kalymnos that will end after the North Face Climbing Festival at the end of September….an will include a lot of climbing in more…..hopefully i will finish it at the end of October….so stay tuned in my blog for latest infos!
I would like to thanks everybody that is appearing in the movie, for the collaboration & help and specially my wife & my kids for being patient!
Thank you

all photos, time lapses & movies have been done with Canon DSLR with prime & zoom lenses





2 thoughts on “Kalymnos trailer (episode 1) in 720p

  1. ciao volevamo venire un gruppo di amici ad ottobre ma ryanair ha tolto il volo su kos 😦 mi sa che kalymnos perde molti arrampicatori del nord Italia. ciao grazie per le belle foto. Patrick (Aosta)

    • chrisbouk says:

      Ciao Patrick…si lo so!!!mi dispiace tanto di non rivedere degli amici per questo anno,…..mi sa che sostituiranno la linea della Ryanair con una altra compagna aerea,…se succede qualcosa ti informo! tanti saluti!

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