…The North Face Kalymnos Climbing Festival (part 1 – Preparation)

…I’s a long time that I didn’t post something new to my blog….

So many things happened….I will try to do a brief description of what happened in my life as photographer the last days of September…

It was the end of August when The North Face company, make a very good proposal to me, to work for them during the Kalymnos Climbing Festival. I had a brief conversation with Matteo Vettorel during Easter holidays, to help them during the Festival if it was necessary and suddenly at the end of August one of my dreams to work with and Outdoor Company as The North Face came truth…Yes, it was reality, but i wanted to keep it secret for myself and not publish it, in the networks…etc…

so….I became the first Greek external collaborator for an event like that and in a huge company as The North Face! I would like to say I big “Thank you” to everybody in the North Face for these beautiful days that we had together, even if the pressure of a Festival like this (some people described that as the biggest Climbing Festival that took place at Europe…!!!) and to the guys of Spiagames, the Outdoor Agency that was responsible for the whole preparation of the Event.
For a week we forgot everything, we worked together as a big family, with only one thing in our minds…To do the Best Climbing Festival…(would be a series of 3 festivals during the next years…). We knew that some mistakes should be happened, it was the first Festival…we had to organize everything & think about the smallest details…but Everything Went WELL! I had the honor to be part of this TEAM and it was a big experience to see how big Companies from the rest of the World, are working to get the best results. For me, it was a big chance to work in this frenetic rhythms, and to be responsible for the whole covering of the Festival, from the Base Camp, the Press Conference, the Marathons, the 1st day of the Project Competition….and from the first days, the preparation for the Festival, from the beginning to end!

My photos went published worldwide, in Magazines and Websites, under the “The North Face@Chris Boukoros” and it was a very nice feeling to have this recognition!

I prepared some photos, to show you from the preparation and from all the “STAFF”, the guys that we spent this week together, just to share with U some of these magic moments and in the next days i will show U some interesting Climbing Photos from all around the Marathon & the Competition. I hope you will enjoy the photo gallery!


One thought on “…The North Face Kalymnos Climbing Festival (part 1 – Preparation)

  1. ciao Chris grazie per le belle foto che metti, quello che stai facendo per Kalymnos è un’ottima pubblicità e tieni aggiornate le news per mantenere viva la voglia di tornare ad arrampicare tra le spugne.ciao Patrick (Aosta Valley)

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