….ready to fly!


First of all, I want to wish U my best for the year 2013,…. Happy New Year!!!

…it’s a long time with no news from this blog…

…but I had so many things to do….and the most important we had no internet connection for 2 months…yes…it takes 2 months to have an ADSL internet connection in some cases, here  in Greece….


…I’m so sad because I had a big problem with my external hard disk that dropped down to the floor while in work, and doesn’t work anymore…I have to bring the disk to some company for recovery the data….& the most important, recovery  some photos that I had no back up!…I hope to find someone not so expensive, because this operation costs a lot….

…But, I’m so happy also, because finally, after 2 months of preparation and a lot of tests, we are ready to fly!!!

The Oktakopter is ready to fly and bring to us very spectacular photos and videos from above! This is the best drone in Greece for the moment and can fly with batteries for 40 min about, reach 250 m in altitude, and do exactly what we want to do! The technology is getting better & better every day, to tell you the truth we didn’t believe how much complicated is to take control of a drone like this….but yes, it takes a lot of time to learn it…

Now, we are ready to close some projects and open some new ones, more interesting & more exciting also! So keep following and U will enjoy it as we are doing!


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