21st Cup of Sport Climbing Competition – Volos city

The last few years I am always present to the the Competitions, as a trainer in our local Alpine club of Almyros and as photographer also…In this last one competition, I decided to take some pictures of the athletes and show you what is the base of sport climbing comps here in Greece. The indoor gym belongs to the Alpine Club of  Volos, the capital city of our region Magnesia, and is one of the bigger we have in Greece…(please don’t laugh,,,). The fact that there were about 80 young kids from 8 to 12 years old is a big promise about the future of sport climbing in my country and I think that the Greek Federation and the Alpine clubs must take advantage about it and promote more and more this wonderful sport. In more the small participation of athletes between 16 to 25 years old, is another fact that they have to take care….Only a few of our talents continue climbing indoor or outdoor and that’s a big mistake. Sport Climbing in Greece in the last years had an enormous increase and development but we have to react and don’t lose the chance and don’t destroy all the seeds that older people sowed last years.

The gallery above is from this competition, enjoy it…


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