…Sfendami Mountain Festival – no climbing but still a lot of action!

…Sfendami is a small village close to Thessaloniki,

…for some years now, a series of Mountain Festivals with mountain running and mountain biking takes place every year. Last year, due to my trip to Kalymnos island I was gone, but this time, I couldn’t miss that! Sfendami Mountain Festival is a big celebration of the open races, with a lot of participants, races for kids and young guys, races for everybody, every age,… is a Festival! I spent 2 days there helping the local Organization taking pictures for promotional use for the Sfendami Mountain Festival for the next year, and I really enjoyed it  in every aspect…

I know, is not climbing, but it is action! And I love action photography!…some thoughts of a new blog called ” Greece in Action” or similar have been in my mind and I’m thinking of that seriously…we will see!!! also a Fb page probably will facilitate people to watch nice action photos…so in the next days some changes will take place…

For 2 days, 1600 photos, with 2 Canon EOS DSLR cameras, it’s a quite big effort…

I hope you will enjoy the photos in the gallery…

my best wishes!

( I would like to hear your voice as regards my thoughts, about how to facilitate people watch some nice action photos)

keep following!


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