…Meteora…climbing in the Promised Land!

…I think that everybody knows Meteora, so many articles have been written and so many photos have been published in magazines and newspapers and all the media around the world…Meteora that in Greek means “levitate” are conglomerate rock sandstones in the top of theme there are plenty of  “Monastery” and have been populated with nuns and solitary priests for so many years and beyond…

…in the Promised Land, there are a lot of climbing routes, quite 700, the majority of them are multi-pitch and equipped with bolts but in very distance way…some of them are trad  and some others very exposed or not so well protected lines and projects from the past…In any way, you can find routes for climbing for your style, but you have to be careful and read the guide-books and take care with your equipment, specially, quickdraws, ropes, daisy chains. The climbing style is unique and so esthetic and the whole landscape and atmosphere can’t be described with words, you have to live that feeling by yourself!!! You may climb there, all day long, there are crags (towers) for everybody, and the most important is that there are no seasons there….you may climb all around the year…and in Greece, are considered as the better school for climbers to improve their skills. As regards the difficulty of the routes, there are grades for everybody, but you have to make attention, 6b for example in Meteora is not a common 6b like in limestone, and the harder projects, something like 8b/8c’s are quite impossible to climb…in fact there are still hard un-climbable  lines event for the best climbers that have been there to try the routes…

I have been there for work, for 2 days, so I had the chance to take some interesting photos and share theme with you….

{…this article is dedicated to my Italian friend Paolo Cataneo from the TNF group, who have been there before the Climbing Festival of Kalymnos and felt in love with this place!…have a nice day Paolo!}

I hope you like the photos!!!

…to not forget, Meteora is not only climbing, a lot of paths are around the Monastery towers, and there are plenty of interesting places to reach just for curiosity….so have fun to explore theme!

The climbing pictures are from :  Doubiani  sector – from “Action Direct” route – from “Adrachti” crag and some photos from the path to reach the big white cross over Kalampaka city…

special thank’s to my good friends Chris Tsourvakas and Nick Gazos to bring me there!


3 thoughts on “…Meteora…climbing in the Promised Land!

  1. agorf says:

    Nice pictures! A better translation for Meteora would be “suspended”. Also, as far as I know, climbing is mainly possible during the spring and the fall. It’s too hot during the summer and too rainy during the winter.

    • chrisbouk says:

      thank you for your comment….but as you know, the weather last years is very unstable….and in more, in Meteora there are about 700 routes all around the “towers” that climbing is possible all around the year. Off course, the best seasons are autumn and spring but I have been there during winter and summer and it was very nice indeed!

  2. visitmeteora says:

    Great photos! Thanks for this amazing post about our hometown!
    Cheers from http://www.visitmeteora.travel!

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