…Sport Climbing in Mouzaki sector… BACK TO THE FUTURE!!!

…from the start of the month I was contacted via e-mails, by a few friends of mine, followers and not, and everybody was asking infos about other crags and sectors around Greece….A friend from Russia was asking about Magnesia region, one other about Meteora, (was impressed from the photos of the blog…!) some others for Mouzaki….So i decided to go back in time and search for some good pictures to show you….

I’m starting from Mouzaki, because is the “DESTINATION” ….there is no serious climber in Greece and in the Balkans that have never been there! That’s the place! That’s the place that sport climbing begun to grow in the main Greece….a new era went out when Pascuale Zafiriadis, (the leader ;-)) with a few other friends like Nikos Gazos, Nikos Theodorou, etc etc…started to create this amazing sector, the most visited in the Central Greece…from that moment and then….the water was in the tube…..for more infos you can see in the left bottom of the blog….

for more pictures….voila’ ….:

next post…

again in Thessaly region in a few days…

in more….take a look at my new facebook page : Greece in Action  

waiting for your likes and your suggestions!


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