Climbing “Priapos” in Grande Grotta / Kalymnos island – climber Grazia Fenu – Beta Full!!!

…This is a sequence shooting last September, during The North Face Kalymnos Climbing Festival 2012, the first edition of the Festival. I was in my fixed ropes for covering some action photos for The North Face, and Grazia was climbing “Priapos” in the Grande Grotta cave, onsight, during her’s Marathon menu…

I thought to took only a few photos, but she was climbing so nice, a unique style, respect the line and in search for the best hold and rests…and this route has a lot of rests….it’s up to you to find them!…anyway…are about 100 photos in the sequence, and if you plan for an onsight of the route, maybe is better to avoid watching the photos,….elsewhere…if you want a redpoint….this is the best…Beta Full!!!!

if you want…you can watch them also in my facebook page…I hope you like it…!


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