New Climbing Guide for the best sectors in Greece!


Guidebook Features

• A clear, user-friendly page layout similar to that of the Kalymnos guidebook
• A concise Crag Planner
• Hundreds of photo-topos and stunning images
• Detailed, custom-made maps with approach paths
• GPS coordinates for all crags
• Additional helpful crag info (e.g. conditions, rock type, sun/shade, orientation, child-friendliness etc.)
• Tips on travel, accommodation, amenities, local interests and other activities
• Suggested itineraries for a one- or two-week rock trip around Greece
• Nearly 1700 selected routes in 29 sectors throughout Greece, including:

– The “sacred” conglomerate towers of Meteora
Almyros, Pyli Little Gorge and Mouzaki, for “Kalymnos-style” climbing
– Hardcore sport crags Chatzouri, Alepochori and Kleisoura, in the Patras Area
– The solid, 917-meter limestone massif of Varasova
– Outstanding crags in the Peloponnese (Leonidio, Nafplio, Zobolo, Lagada and Nedousa)
– The Aegean islands of Anafi and Symi
– Three crags on the famous island of Crete (Voulismeno Aloni, Plakias and Tersanas Cave, also known as the “new Grande Grotta”)
– Crag highlights in the Athens Area—the only capital with so much quality climbing so close to the city.

Please note: “Greece Sport Climbing: The Best Of” does not include the crags of Kalymnos.


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