Magnesia region – Kofi sector B

Magnesia is a region located in the central-east Greece. As distance is situated 200km from Thessaloniki & 300km from Athens, but you may reach the town of Volos with the local airport also. Here in Kofi village, there are 2 crags with plenty of enjoyable routes, the Kofi sector A with a lot of easy routes on grey limestone with about 30 routes in vertical wall and Kofi sector B, the most hardcore sector for sport climbing in the central Greece with orange limestone very steep with technical and more stamina climbing. The Kofi B crags are divided in two sub-sectors, the  main sector with the major part of the routes, and the “penthouse” sector which is smaller sub sector. I will be more detailed for the Kofi sector B crag, because I think that is the most hardcore crag in Magnesia and will bring the athletes of  sport climbing into a more higher level. At the moment there are about 30 routes with a lot of them still projects. It’s the best destination if you are at a level to climb at least 7a, because the crags are very overhanging and power-stamina-technical abilities are required…To reach the crag, once you are in the city of Almyros follow the main road that drives to the village of Kofi (about 15kms) and  2 km before the village you will find a cement bridge on a small river, where you can park your car. Walk up the hill for about 15min crossing the river and you will see the crags on your right side. The path is marked so it is very easy to find it.  Kofi B is a very impressive crag that allows climbing all year long, except the summer months, because it’s west orientation.

Routes & Difficulty

main sector :

– Adraxe tis Maires 6a+

– Calcium 6b

– Pipistrello Matto 7a+

– Think Positive 7c? (project)

– Tremenda Solitudine 7b+

– Dream-catcher 8b+ ? (project)

– New Line – 8c? (project)

– Hysteria 8a

– All day Long 7b+

– Galleria 6a

– In Da Club 8a+

– Just Do It 8b+/8c (project)

– Diakoreftis 8b

– Orgasmatron 8c+? (project)

– Kofi Way 8a

– Coffee Day 7c+/8a

– Tabullae Rosa 7b

– Je m’en Fous 6c/6c+

Penthouse sub-sector

– La Bimba 5a

– Be Cool 6a+

– Gilda 6b+

– Happy End 6c+/7a

– Vammos all Playa 7a

– Eros 7c/7c+

– Use your Illusion 8a+

– Asahi 7c

– Esplosivo 8a

– Facilissima 6a

– Kofidromio 6a (only local crux, the rest of the route is 5a)

In the village of Kofi you can find a very good and cheap tavern and if you want you can camp on the crags or close to the cars. Free camping is not forbitten but if you want to be more comfortable in the city of Almyros there are hotels, restaurants…etc…etc…The bolting procedure in this crag, is in progress, the routes are very new, so if anybody wants to help us, we want your feed up for making this sectors better!




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