Magnesia region – Anavra sector C

The rocks of Avavra are must in the area of Magnesia. Sectors A & B have vertical walls where you have to be used in climbing without big footholds with relatively large holds. Also sector B has two very beautiful, overhanging routes. But the most beautiful and serious crag is the sector C which is one of the bests in the region. In this sector you will find routes not so much overhanging, with very technical climbing, non good footholds, colonettes, and reachy moves. Good climbing instinct is required here!!!

To reach the climbing sector of Anavra, follow the road that leads to the city of Almyros and to the village Anavra. In the middle of the route you will see the rocks of Anavra sectors A&B on your left. It is very easy to identify them, because they are the first rocks you will see in the area. While you drive, you will see a church (Profitis Elias) on your right side . After the church (you see on your right side to reach the sectors A&B to the direction of Anavra) continue for 4 more kilometers until you find a mine on your left side. Continue for little more and turn right to a dirt road which leads to a farm. You can park your car in the end of the dirt road or continue for few more meters on a bad quality dirt road to your left. The climbing sector is close to the end of the dirt road. The sector has a south orientation which forbids climbing in the hot summer days, but when it is not very hot indeed you may climb very good from 17:00 until 21:00 in the evening. Climbing is very pleasant during the rest months of the year. You may climb during winter also, with excellent conditions.
Free camping is allowed in the mountain of Othris, but you must be careful with the fire, specially in summer, when the hot days and the wind makes it risky and dangerous. Drinkable water you may find in the Profitis Elias small church in the main road. Also you may find supplies in Almyros town and Anavra village also, where you may eat at very delicious taverns.

Routes & Difficulty :

– Rea 6b

– Tithys 6a

– Galaktika 7a+ / Galaktika ext 7c

– Supernova 7b+

– Nefeloma 8b? (project)

– Petit Beure 8a+

– Yperionas 8a+/8b

– Furutismo 8b

– Orma an Eisai se Forma 7a+/7b

– Synousia Chimichi 7a

– Nigra et Amara 6c+

– Demonismenos Aggelos 7b

– Mia grammi Sto Chrono 7a+

– Insomnia 7a+

– Alchemia 7b




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