Magnesia region – Paou cave

The Paou cave is in Pelion mountain, in the region of Magnesia also. It’s a small “cave” with a relative relief with tuffas, holes and big jugs, with short sport climbing routes. There are only 13 routes for the moment and due to the east-south orientation, climbing is very pleasant from spring to fall, specially in the evenings, but also in chilly days. When rains, climbing is not possible because of the small size of the cave, the crag will be wet in a few minutes. The approach is easy. You have to follow the main road from Volos town to Argalasti village in Pelion mountain and quite immediately after, turn right following the indications for the Paou monastery. The crag is a little further from the monastery, follow the road to the beach and a 100m before the end of the road turn left in an diagonal cement road and park your car. Now follow the evident path for 5 minutes and you will see the cave on your left. You may camp in the beach if you want but also in Argalasti village and all the villages of Pelion mountain you will find very beautiful hotels and taverns also.

Routes & Difficulty :

– Steliobster 6b

– Helicopter 6c+ (Steliobster ext…loose rocks! attention)

– Rockbar 7a+

– Mimmy 7a+ (Rockbar extension)

– Tuffantastic 7a

– The Size matters 8a+

– I’ve got the Paouer 8b

– Don’t worry Be Happy 7b

– Aerobotics 7a+/7b

– De Puta Madre 8a+

– Schizmofrenia 7b

– Espresso7b+

– Hellenic Tufa Way 7b


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