Patra & neighboring crags – Kleisoura sector

Kleisoura’s crags are a must for the Central-West Greece…are one of the most difficult sectors in Greece with some 40 meters routes in 35 degrees overhanging limestone rock! The sector is bolted by two of the best Greek climbers of all the years, Aristomenis Thanopoulos and Yiannis Toreli and the routes are really amazing! Climbing there is an experience that everybody should feel…The Kleisoura gorge is in the region of Aitoloakarnania, close to Patras city or Mesollogi at the west part of the Greece.  In between Patras and Ioannina there is also the Greek national highway that connects the two big cities so it’s very easy to find it in the Greek map, or at the Google Earth maps. To reach the crags, you have to find this road, the road that bridges Patra & Ioannina cities, and if you are driving North, 15 kms before Agrinio city ( a town in between…) you should find the Kleisoura’s crags. In the main sector there are about 15 routes and some others under development and the best season to go there is the autumn and spring also. You should climb there, in winter also, but not after long periods of rainfall and in summer too, but only in the late afternoon. From the road the path to arrive at the cliffs, is very short, it takes only 3 min to go at the bottom of the routes and start climbing…Kleisoura is also very close to Varasova, a unique place with a lot of sport routes bolted some years ago and multi-pitch routes also….camping there is free! Very close to the crags are the Mesologgi and Agrinio cities, if you want to visit them.


Routes & Difficulties :

– Interstellar 8a+/8b   – 32 meters

– Interstellar Overdrive 8b – 45 meters (extension)

– Space Invaders  8b – 40 meters

– Crystal Method 7a+/7b – 17 meters

– Crystalization 8b/8b+  30 meters

– Space Cake 8a – 25 meters

– Ptychiouhos 6c – 25 meters

– Stegosauros 7c+/8a  – 35 meters

– Stegosauros Rex 8c – 45 meters

– G spotting 7b+  25 meters

– Armadillo 6c+   25 meters

– Architeutis  8a+   25 meters

– Melas Zomos 7c   22 meters

– Planet Arakis 7c+   25 meters

– Via del Popolo  6b – 25 meters

– Illuminatus 8b+(?)  25 meters

– Falakrodemon 8b  – 30 meters

– Glikia Idoni 8a+  15 meters

– Pistolero 8b – 28 meters

– Ochra Speirocheti 8a+ 33 meters

– Cocodrilla 7a – 25 meters

– Cocodrillo grande 7b+  35 meters

– Rezus Arnitiko 8a+/8b  – 32 meters

– Kafroman 8b+   28 meters

– I Riza tou kakou  8b – 30 meters

– Double Penetration 8a  – 25 meters

– Gang Bang 8b+/8c     33 meters (ext of Double Penetration)

– Kid Loco 7a  –  15 meters

– Hombre Solo 7c+/8a   20 meters

– Hombre Loco 8a+/8b  27 meters (ext of Hombre Solo)

– Gourounobeis 8b+   25 meters

– Aimatoroufichtra   8b   – 27 meters

– Ton elegan Tanalia 8b+/8c  25 meters

Thank’s a lot Aristomenis Thanopoulos for the collaboration and the photos. In late autumn I will be there for a new article and some very beautiful pictures to add….


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