Trikala region – Little Gorge Pili

In the region of Trikala there is a summer time refuge for climbing, it’s name is Pili’s Little Gorge! It’s an amazing place, unique in the region of Trikala, in the Central Greece but also in the mainland of whole Greece! It’s a gorge that from the ens of Spring remain without water and you may climb all hot summer days, because the gorge is hidden apart in the trees and the temperature allows you to climb everyday and all day….with a rest time between 14:00 – 16:00 when the sun is vertical on the crag. There is also a potable water spring so you can stay there as long as you want and in more for your accommodation there is also a big wooden platform that you may camp. All routes are very well bolted with inox bolts and inox belays with carabiners,  you need a 70m rope for all routes and at least 15 quickdraws. To reach the crags, once you arrived at the city of Trikala, in the central Greece, you have to follow the main road that drives to the village of Pili. Once arrived there, you still stay in the same direction for the village of Elati, but once you’re passing a bridge after Pili, 100m form that bridge you will find the parking area of the crags. Park your car, and follow a dirt road in your right hand. Soon you will reach a river and after a while you will find a well signed path on your left that drives to the crags. Total 20 min of walk, but deserves it!!!

You will find plenty of very beautiful sport climbing routes….a real good training for the hot Greek summer days!!!


Routes & Difficulties :

Dirty Jobs 6a+

– Dirty Moves 6a (ext 7b/c)

– Todo Miente 6c+ (ext. ?)

– Mentholius 6b

– Hehenikos 7a+

– Ayahuasca 7a+

– Ergometrix 7b+

– Rockacholic 7a+

– Rockaliptic ?

– free project ?

– Sex Drive 7c/7c+

– Iera Exetasis 7b+/7c

– Dizzy Dolls 7b+/7c

– Holly Grail 7c+

– Unforgiven 7c

– Bushido 7c+

– Nemesis 7c+ (ext 8a)

– Katana 8a/8a+

– Super Highball 8a/8a+

– Anaconda 7c+

– Damoklios Spathi 7b

– Silent Partner 6c+

– IRA 6b (ext 7a+)

– Blade 6c (ext 7b+)

– Cotonella 6c

– Road to Hell 6a+ (ext 7b+)

– Toyland 7a

– Extravaganza 7a+/7b

– Mauvaise Habitude 7a+

– Black Velvet 7b

– Mentore 7b

– Porn to be Alive 6b+

– Yakuza 7c+

– Shogun 7b?

– Arena 7b+

– Imperator 7b+/7c

– Gladiator 7b+

– Per te JiBe 7a+

– Litholatris 6c+

– Cosa mostra 7b+/7c

– project ?

– Flight Club 7b+

– Aretusa 7a+

– Snatch 8a+

– Agador Spartacus 7b+

– Spartacus 7c+

– Assasinos 7c+/8a

– Straight Story 7c

– Via Media 6b+

– Podifix 6c+

– Jus Divinum 7b+/7c

– Bird 7c+

– Firestarter 6c+

– Sentna 6b+

– Honey & Nuts 6c+/7a

– Amfithimia 6c+

– Mohito 7a

– Cuba Libre 7b












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