Trikala region – Mouzaki sector

The climbing sector of Mouzaki belongs to Karditsa prefecture but it is easier to approach it by Trikala city and the Trikala prefecture because the main road is in better conditions. It is one of the most popular and well done sport climbing sectors in Greece. Many climbers from all over Greece and foreigners also, are visiting Mouzaki for climbing. The rock is high quality limestone equipped with inox bolts and inox anchors. In Mouzaki there have been some of the hardest 1st ascents in the region of Thessalia and some of the hardest projects once upon a time. It is appropriate for climbing all year long, but in summer the best hours are from 17:00 until sunset.  Also we have to mention the effort of the local climbers and specially Pasquale Zafiriadis who have organized and take care the area of the sector and in more by the construction of  a wooden house where at least 6-8 people can sleep. Close to the crags is Mouzaki small town that you may buy the necessary things and close to the crags there are a few taverns to eat delicious food. There are 3 sub-sectors in Mouzaki, but the one which is very popular and with the best routes is the sector B, the main Mouzaki crag. The way to find Mouzaki is very easy. If you are on Trikala, you must follow the main road that drives you to the Mouzaki town, and then drive to Porti village. You will find the crags very easy, you may park your car, in a very good parking area, and after a 2 minutes walk you will start climbing!

Routes & Difficulty :

Sector A

1. Real Thing                         6c

2. Dirty Dancing                   7b+

3. Al Caida                            5c

4. Moonlight                         7b

5. Gravel Pit                          7a+/7b

2  projects in more

Sector  B :

1. Pretty Fly                           7a+/7b

2. Baby Blue                          6a

3. Fig Tree                             6a+

4. Keep Walking                  6b

5. Happy End                       6b+/6c

6. Saltibagos                          6a/6a+

Saltibagos extension        7b+/7c

7. Sindromo Down               6c

Sindromo Down ext.        7c/7c+

8. Daktilogdartis                  6c+/7a

Daktilogdartis ext.           7a+

9. Akiwasha                          7b+/7c

10. Totem                               7b

Totem plus                      7b+/7c

11. Fuego                               7b+/7c

12. Mythos                             7c

13. Mythos + Epimythio      7c/7c+

14. Rainbow                          7c+

15. Palukeros                                    8a/8a+

16. Chili Peppers                  8a+

17. Athlos                              7c+

18. Athlos plus                    8b+

19. Mikros Fonias                 8a+

20. Foneas Gigadon             8c?

20b. Amores Peros            8b+?

21. Anna Maria                     5c

22. Arpiia                               7c+

23. Highlander                      7c

24. Breathless                        8a?

25. Thunder John                  8a?

26. Penthouse                       7b/7b+

27. Flashdance                      ?

28. Zet                                                7b+/7c

29. Fatman                             7b/7b+

30. Bobirakis                         7a+

31. Pigasos                            7b

Sector C (grotta)

1. Fight or fly                                    ?

2. Masterplan                        ?


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