New Climbing Guide for the best sectors in Greece!


Guidebook Features

• A clear, user-friendly page layout similar to that of the Kalymnos guidebook
• A concise Crag Planner
• Hundreds of photo-topos and stunning images
• Detailed, custom-made maps with approach paths
• GPS coordinates for all crags
• Additional helpful crag info (e.g. conditions, rock type, sun/shade, orientation, child-friendliness etc.)
• Tips on travel, accommodation, amenities, local interests and other activities
• Suggested itineraries for a one- or two-week rock trip around Greece
• Nearly 1700 selected routes in 29 sectors throughout Greece, including:

– The “sacred” conglomerate towers of Meteora
Almyros, Pyli Little Gorge and Mouzaki, for “Kalymnos-style” climbing
– Hardcore sport crags Chatzouri, Alepochori and Kleisoura, in the Patras Area
– The solid, 917-meter limestone massif of Varasova
– Outstanding crags in the Peloponnese (Leonidio, Nafplio, Zobolo, Lagada and Nedousa)
– The Aegean islands of Anafi and Symi
– Three crags on the famous island of Crete (Voulismeno Aloni, Plakias and Tersanas Cave, also known as the “new Grande Grotta”)
– Crag highlights in the Athens Area—the only capital with so much quality climbing so close to the city.

Please note: “Greece Sport Climbing: The Best Of” does not include the crags of Kalymnos.

Anavra sector C & New Greek Climbing Guide by Aris

…it was the time…
a rock climbing guide with the best Climbing Destinations in Greece (except Kalymnos) from the expert Aris Theodoropoulos is on the way…
Anavra sector C (Kitrinos) and Kofi B (Spiliorema) will be on the guide and with Aris we went to take a look at the crags….just two days ago, I finished bolting a new amazing line ” Les Mondes Paralleles 7c+? and with some friends of mine and family, enjoyed climbing!!!ImageImageImageImageImageImage

Sport Climbing at Pili’s little Gorge – Augoust 2013

some days ago, some friends of mine from Italy, joined Pili’s Little Gorge for sport climbing….after my recommendations about the beauty of the place!

Due to some unfinished and new jobs of mine, I had no time to spend with theme….but I finally found a day to meet theme and climb together…by surprise, I met also some Greek friends of mine….and had no alternative than doing some nice photos of theme, during climbing!  Pili’s Little Gorge is one of the most beautiful places in the Central Greece for climbing…..and my friends from Italy agreed about that, in more they are thinking about their next climbing holidays to put it again in the schedule!

more action around Greece, in my facebook page : Greece in Action

Climbing “Priapos” in Grande Grotta / Kalymnos island – climber Grazia Fenu – Beta Full!!!

…This is a sequence shooting last September, during The North Face Kalymnos Climbing Festival 2012, the first edition of the Festival. I was in my fixed ropes for covering some action photos for The North Face, and Grazia was climbing “Priapos” in the Grande Grotta cave, onsight, during her’s Marathon menu…

I thought to took only a few photos, but she was climbing so nice, a unique style, respect the line and in search for the best hold and rests…and this route has a lot of rests….it’s up to you to find them!…anyway…are about 100 photos in the sequence, and if you plan for an onsight of the route, maybe is better to avoid watching the photos,….elsewhere…if you want a redpoint….this is the best…Beta Full!!!!

if you want…you can watch them also in my facebook page…I hope you like it…!

The North Face ZAGORI Mountain Race 2013 – some photos

last weekend the North Face ZAgori Mountain Race 2013 with mountain marathon and mountain bikes races tooks place. For more pictures take a look at my facebook page : Greece in Action  

enjoy it!!!


NICK NTOURLIOS “OLYMPUS Four Paths to Reach the Gods” (TRAILER)

an amazing trailer…4 paths to reach Olympus mountain, the mythical mountain of the Gods….a very tough work, about 2 years of footage, in tough conditions, a lot of hours in the mountain, around the mountain, extraordinary work….

finally the material is all in progress and soon the final movie will be in sale and in the web….until then….enjoy this amazing trailer!!!

good  job, my friend Nikos!!!